An Open Letter to Economic Institutions In The Face of #BlackLives Matter

Addressed to Our Allies in the Economics Community

As the future of the economics profession, we are demanding that institutions, such as the American Economic Association, Federal Reserve System, and National Bureau of Economic Research, commit to the following to begin addressing the racial inequities experienced by Black people:

Here are examples of how individuals and organizations can make a change:

Wield your power to encourage your institution to issue a statement publicly that defines their stance on anti-Black racism.

Educate yourself and do not limit your education to this moment. This moment is the culmination of years of racial oppression. Please see below a list of resources to become equipped with how to address these systemic issues:

Required Reading (and Listening):

Donate to funds specifically addressing issues of racial injustice:

During this critical time, which side of history will you stand on? Consider endorsing our letter below.

The Sadie Collective Community

Addressing the pipeline and pathway for Black women in economics & related fields.

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