Why are Black Women Missing from Corporate Leadership?

To understand our absence, academic and corporate settings must begin with who enters the pipeline.

How can we best use these financial commitments and newfound attention to address gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion to upend systemic racism in the corporate world and improve access to these spaces for minoritized groups?


With fewer Black women studying for degrees in these fields, it becomes all the more critical to honor commitments to cultivate and develop a robust pipeline of Black women for corresponding careers during their undergraduate studies, as well as exposing them to these potential careers even earlier in their education.


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Barriers for Black Women in Economics and Related Fields

The Value of The Sadie Collective

While there is some awareness of the problem surrounding representation, there remains not enough collaboration nor financial support for these organizations across institutions, which is key to creating a movement that actively uplifts Black women in these fields while they make their way through the corporate world.

The Sadie Collective Community

Addressing the pipeline and pathway for Black women in economics & related fields.